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Moving, whether it’s into a new home or to a different area of the country, is undoubtedly an emotional journey. Having made the permanent move to Whidbey Island in 2020 to be closer to my daughter and grandchildren, I understand the complexity of the emotions and the logistics firsthand.
It was hard leaving behind my previous home and saying goodbye to friends. Though I knew I’d be close to my daughter and grandchildren, there was some anxiety about adjusting to a new environment, where to live, and establishing new routines. However, the prospect of starting a new chapter in a beautiful location like Whidbey Island brought excitement and anticipation.
The experience and skills gained from my 25 years in the Supply Chain and Logistics industry played a significant role in accomplishing my move and embarking on this island adventure. This is how those skills were instrumental in my transition:
Problem Solving 
Drawing on my expertise in problem-solving, I was able to assess the challenges that would arise during the move and helped me develop effective solutions. This minimized roadblocks and resulted in a smooth transition.
My experience with navigating contract terms and contingencies proved valuable when purchasing my new home. I was able to apply my skills to secure favorable terms and ensure a good outcome for myself and husband.
My listening skills helped me understand my husband’s needs and preferences. I was able to make decisions that aligned with both of our desires, contributing to a smoother transition and sense of unity.
As we continue to settle into Whidbey Island living, I am filled with excitement and genuine desire to help others with their own moves to this wonderful place.

If you’re ready to embark on your own island adventure, contact me! I would love to put my firsthand experience and skills to work for you. I will help you navigate the emotional and logistical aspects of your own relocation.

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